2017: The Company was founded by a group of engineers active from 1990 in the field of chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical equipments on Belgian market

We are specialised in the design and engineering of process equipments for many industries. Our engineers will be able to calculate and design your projects according to various construction codes as : ASME, EN13445-1, TEMA, API, ADM, PD5500, CODAP. We can deliver specific componets as listed in materials as austenitic and super-austenitic, duplex and super-duplex stainless steel, nickel and cupronickel alloys, aluminium and titanium.
Our suppliers were selected strictly on basis of high quality and performance.

We want to establish a reputation for quality and service which will carried us through to the status as one of the most respected company in ROMANIA.

Mission Statement
With dedication and integrity we set and maintain high industry standards with special regard for quality of our products, the good of the environment, know-how of workmanship and devoted service to our customers .

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